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Langley Park Golf Club, Barnfield Wood Rd, Beckenham BR3 6SZ, UK


Delivering the very best physiotherapy practice is the priority of J23.I believe in treating patients holistically, ensuring I use the most effective treatment. I am passionate about physiotherapy. Building a strong rapport and positive relationships with my patients is important to me. Feel free to email me to find out how I can help you today.

Jack Solomons Bsc MCSP



Jack Solomons BSC MCSP has practiced physiotherapy since 2010. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience treating musculo-skeletal conditions at a high standard. The recent development of the gym at Langley Park golf club has given Jack the opportunity to open a clinic with access to brand new equipment. The gym combined with a clinic room offers the perfect environment to deliver physiotherapy. Jack will be running a clinic in Langley Park Golf club gym on Saturdays, starting 6th April 2019!!!

If you want physiotherapy on your injury, pain, condition or you want to prevent getting injured then please feel free in booking an 1 on 1 session with Jack. You can book an appointment via the booking tab, email Jack or pop into the gym when Jack is running the clinic and have a chat. 


Exercise therapy is one of the key principles that underpins physiotherapy treatment. Jack is a keen sportsman, gym user and has a great deal of experience in prescribing exercise as a treatment. With access to gym equipment your treatment will be fully optimised giving you the best possible outcomes in your recovery. Jack understands that a gym might not be a comfortable or familiar place for everyone, therefore Jack ensures that the prescription of your treatment is suited to you. Treating you as an individual is at the centre of Jack's treatment; whether your goal is to be able to walk to the shops or run a marathon


Manual therapy is another principle that is a key value in physiotherapy. Manual therapy includes joint mobilisations, manipulations, massage, taping and soft tissue manipulation. Manual therapy is a small part of your recovery and should not be seen as the cure. Jack's philosophy is that manual therapy offers a way of improving your movement and/or pain to facilitate your recovery. Manual therapy should be used in conjunction with a good rehab plan and exercise prescription.


Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine that can be used in the management and reduction of pain. There are 2 areas of acupuncture: traditional Chinese and western acupuncture. Jack has completed his training in acupuncture and is fully aware of the latest research. Jack is part of the AACP acupuncture association of chartered physiotherapists, who govern and have a strict code of practice. Exercise is the most effective way of treating musculoskeletal conditions so your treatment plan will have a strong exercise focus, acupuncture can help you complete the rehab necessary to improve your pain. If acupuncture would be useful in your recovery Jack will discuss it with you.


Jack has experience working in sports and has been trained in sports rehabilitation. This means your treatment plan will have your sport as the main focus. Strength training is a key aspect of injury prevention. Once you are pain free, ensuring the pain will not return is just as important to Jack.


Jack's main role is working in a local private hospital where a part of his case load is rehabilitating patients following surgery. Working in the local area means it is likely that Jack has worked, or currently works with your consultant. Getting fit for surgery to improve you outcomes is often an under utilised part of surgery process. Consultants often refer patients to Jack to get them ready for the operation, giving him great experience in this area of physiotherapy. Whether your goal is to avoid surgery or to get surgery, fit Jack will be able to help you. 


The recent development of a gym at Langley Park golf club means your treatment will take place in a brand new gym with all the latest equipment. The equipment available rivals most physiotherapy practices. In fact, the Langley Park golf club gym has better facilities than Jack has available to him at his full time job in a private hospital! Come and take advantage of this set up.

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Langley Park Golf Club, Barnfield Wood Rd, Beckenham BR3 6SZ, UK